Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Know The Famous Five Of Ghagra Choli Cuts

Indian dresses are one of the most colourful and elegant ensembles one could come across in history.  The rich, delicate and surely mesmerising detailing is painstakingly hand crafted by skilled artisans. Indian dresses are not only reserved for special occasions in one’s life, but also add a traditional touch to one’s everyday apparel. 

So, what was it that made the King’s and Queen’s apparel distinctively rich? The creative work embroidered with stones, zardozi, mirror-work, ari-work, silk thread-work and many such crafts add to its royalty’s beauty.

One such elaborate attire is the Ghagra Choli. Ghagra Choli is a perfect wedding dress identified with the sophisticated embroidery, rich fabrics and colourful palettes rendering a bride the royalty and grace she deserves. As Ghagra Choli or the Bridal Lehenga is available in numerous varieties and designs, choosing and selecting one for you becomes a time consuming and for some even a tedious task. But isn’t all the hard work worth for the all the ohhhhhs and woooows you receive from people? 

There are many varieties of Ghagra Choli available nowadays. If you are confused with what kind of Lehenga Choli style will suit you, here are a few tips about different varieties of ghagra cholis for different body types:

1. Straight Cut Ghagra:
Straight Cut ghagra falls straight from the waist to the hemline.  In most cases, it comes with slits on the sides to provide ease in movement. These ghagra suits almost all body types and can be paired with cholis that have low necklines.
A Line Ghagra

2. A Line Ghagra:
An A-Line ghagra resembles the letter ‘A’ very well as it is narrow on waist and has flair on the bottom but a minimum flair. It is well suited to show-off that flat tummy you worked so hard for. This cut suits most body shapes and can be paired with heavily embroidered cholis that attract attention to the upper half of the body.

3. Mermaid Cut or Fish Cut Ghagra:
Mermaid Cut fits congenially till knees and then flairs to the bottom. A Mermaid Cut will complement your curves the best. This style of lehenga will suit an hourglass figure the most.
Mermaid Or Fish Cut Ghagra

4. Circular Cut Ghagra:
This ghagra has a lot of flair. A long pleated flow of silky or net fabrics in the ghagra looks the best. A cone or slim body will look the best with circular cut ghagra as it can add a lots of volume to the otherwise lean look.

5. Panel style Ghagra:
This ghagra is made up of various panels sewn together. The panels could be of same colour, or an alternative colour scheme could be used. Sometimes multicoloured panels are also created to give a colourful effect to the attire. 

Choose a colour that will complement your skin and settle for nothing less than perfect as far as fit is concerned and you have succeeded in creating that perfect bridal look you must have always wished for.

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