Monday, June 20, 2016

Designer Bracelets - A Must Have Accessory for Style Statement

Bracelets are a standout amongst the chic design accessories available nowadays and are substituting the typical bangle culture in India. Wrist bracelets have dependably been one of the chief picks for young ladies with regards to what accessory to wear in those void wrists. While picking one for yourself, you should remember the different sorts as well as varieties and what kind of events they suit the best.
Let's look at different type of designer bracelets, one can wear with any look.

Traditional Bracelets:
These bracelets are made up of precious gemstones or Kundan and go well with sarees or salwar suits and anarkalis. They are popular among lovers of ethnic wear since they have a traditional appeal to it. The bracelets are sometimes gold plated giving a feeling of real gold and rendering a feel of royalty to the wearer.
Traditional Bracelet with Kundan and Semi precious Stones

Cuff Bracelets:
The cuff bracelet is a wide circular bracelet which covers a major part of the wrist and is typically open towards the end. It fits right on your wrist immovably and is regularly not adjustable like different wrist bracelets. The designer cuff bracelets got their prevalence from many well-known actors and have been in style since vintage collections as it is considered to be royal among all bracelet types.

Bangle Bracelets:
These are worn collectively like bangles and are generally are circular with no opening at all or an ordinary fastening grip. Bangle bracelets are an eye-catcher among the most flexible bracelets and are mostly found in different colors, shades, and materials. These are mainstream bracelets are popular with all age brackets and are adored by ladies for their clinging nature when worn together in stacks.
Diamond Bracelets:
Designer diamond bracelets are created with diamonds with intricate designs, real or cz, to give a sparkling appearance. They look elegant with evening wear as they are bound to dazzle in the evening. Gemstones of different colors can be mixed with the diamonds to match the colors of the attire of the wearer. 
Diamond Bracelet Image Courtesy: Benzerworld
Leather Bracelets:
This designer leather bracelet is an alternative to go as it gives you more of a rustic feel. The leather wrist bracelets are generally sleeve wristbands made of pure leather and attracts the young crowd as they can feel lively. These are economical yet stylish and are prevalent among young men too.
Beaded Bracelets:
One of the most reasonably priced designer bracelets, beaded bracelets are comprised of beads. Beads could be made of stones, wood or plastic and woven into an elastic band. These are the most simple ones that you can DIY at home too if you are into the bracelet designing hobby. The typically beaded bracelet has a ribbon strap which holds the end together. The bead bracelets falling slightly on the pricier side have gems and precious stones beaded into a string. 

Designer bracelets are the foremost choice for women who want to flaunt royalty on their wrists. Brands like Benzerworld give innumerable options in bracelets and kadas. So which style would you choose today to to accessorize your wrists and appear glitzz.??

Friday, March 4, 2016

Costume Jewelry-Perfect Gifting Option This Women's Day

Women's Day is approaching fast and all men are geared up to get gifts for the awesome women in their life. I wonder what women would choose when presented with an option between choosing jewelry or shoes or handbags. Well mortal beings like me would die before making a choice. I would rather have all of them coz the sheer happiness of getting one would be lessened when compared to the sheer thought of being deprived of possessing the others.
Jokes apart, I would suggest that buying luxury costume jewelry would be a great gifting idea on a women’s day. Should I back up my argument with reasons? Well so be it. Following are just some reasons why you should gift your lady love a nice piece of jewelry.

In vogue: Costume jewelry is very much in nowadays which makes it easy to find it at a local shop, mall, flea market and also online. You can save yourself the hassles of spending hours thinking what to buy and where to get it from. Most shops have a counter and a person who would happily assist you in choosing the right piece.
Shop Online: Many popular E-Commerce websites sell luxury costume jewelry accessories online, making it easier to buy. So a good jewelry piece is just a click away.
Easy on pocket: You don’t have to spend a fortune on fashion jewelry leaving you an option to buy some flowers and chocolates along with the gift piece.
Mix and Match: You can buy a piece that could go well with most of her dresses or you could gift something that is unique. The moment you mention that it is something you got to pair with her little black dress or her favorite teal gown or her beige top, you win some extra brownie points for remembering that favorite dress of hers.
Regal Costume Jewelry
Regal Costume Jewelry
Regal pieces: There are costume jewelry pieces specifically crafted with traditional materials like Vilandi and stones like rubies, emeralds and American diamonds which add a royal appeal to the whole attire. Brides and women donning traditional outfits in South Asian communities prefer such pieces. So if your woman is traditional at heart, you can win her heart with such exquisitely crafted pieces from Indian brands like Benzerworld which has an awesome collection of regal costume jewelry. Visit for more options in bridal sets
Unique Pieces: Most stores also have a collection of unique costume jewelry pieces like hand painted bangles or handcrafted cuff bracelets.  You can also go for customized chunky bracelets, or charm bracelets with her name on it. Isn’t that a sure shot way to make someone feel special?
Bohemian Jewelry
     Bohemian Jewelry

Bold and Quirky: There are quite some few pieces of jewelry that are colorful, and attention catching. So if your girl friend is a free bird like me and is very much into Boho-chic styling, gift her assemblage of bold bohemian jewelry pieces. She will beyond doubt remember you every time she dons her quirky pieces of style statement.

Available for Men Too: And all you guys out there, rejoice-coz you can be on the receiving end. Fashion jewelry is easily available for men too. There are items ranging from different notably shaped pendants and chains to wrist bands, multi strand bracelets and cool studs which can enhance your look and define your personality in no time.

So guys grab a piece of costume jewelry and gift your woman the right amount of attention she deserves……

Friday, February 26, 2016

Basic Guidelines for Selecting a Formal Shirt

We are moving forward in this series by discussing about Formal wear for Men.
A man’s wardrobe has some staples regardless of the fact that he is fashion conscious or not; formal shirts being one of them. With the onset of corporate culture, formal shirts have become a necessary peg in the closet machine. According to me there is no need to put in lots of effort while selecting a basic formal shirt. You can follow these simple guidelines and get the basics right.

The Color:
Select the ones in solid pastel colors. They are easier to pair with formal trousers and are a safe bet whether be it interviews or boardroom meetings. White and light blue are the classic options while lavender, pastel green, ash grey are some other neutral shades that never go out of style.

The Fabric:
Choose a fabric that renders a comfortable feel since you will be donning these shirts for long work hours. Cotton is a convenient but impractical choice. Hence opt for blends. Poplin, linen and twill are good picks.

The Fit:
A shirt with a perfect fit is the perfect tool for looking cool. Balloons formed out of garment would make you appear shabby as a tight fitting shirt would make you appear negligent. Avoid both the extremes and spend some time in finding the right fit.
The Pattern:
Though plain is always a safe bet, patterns are also popular in formal shirts. Stripes and checks are the most preferred styles besides plain. It is better not to mix patterns as it creates a mess.You can find numerous fashion forward patterns from Oxemberg at

The Collars:
The collar cannot be overlooked as they are a prominent feature in a formal shirt.  A shirt collar in a stylish formal shirt has to have an orderly stiff appearance. The most common styles are point collars and spread collars. But button down collar made for polo players have penetrated the regular office goers wardrobe too.
The Cuff and Sleeve Length:
An eye for detail can be efficacious with a shirt collar. Cuffs have single or more buttons. They come into circular, square or angular styles. Select the classic styles to appear crispy. The length of the sleeves should be paid due attention. The ideal selection size is the one where the cuff reaches root of thumb.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Jeans for Men And Women- The Ultimate Garment

Since we have already discussed on what men should wear at parties and what should women wear at parties, this time we will discuss about what both can wear at any casual event. This garment is everyone’s favorite. When you are simply confused over what to wear it’s the ultimate savior. It’s the gallant garment that saves you when people around are eyeing you with suspicion over your poor fashion choices. It’s chivalrous and androgynous meaning men and women can both take advantage of its versatility. It’s an absolutely reliable partner to any t shirt or even formal shirts when paired even clumsily. For some people, it is more important than their romantic interest. Yes you guessed it right people. It’s denim that we are talking about. Jeans for men are as popular as jeans for women coz denim is a garment with universal appeal.

While you should have some basic shades like blue and black in your closet, it’s time to get adventurous. Jeans are now available in vagrant shades of orange, purple, brown and green. Choose them to accentuate your fun quotient.

While lighter shades of jeans are meant for attention seekers, darker hues create a slimming illusion. Hence an ideal pairing would be dark wash bottom and light colored top. Distress is not a good idea for life in general but with denims, Go for distress without doubt. Tearing jeans, fraying hems and seams and fading the colors are some popular ways of getting that rugged vintage look. Individuals enjoying DIY projects can make distressed jeans themselves adding to the satisfaction each time you don the distressed denim.Brands like
provide real cool options in jeans.

Though jeans are one of the best pals a person could have, be sure not to overdo them. Wearing denim shirt with denim bottom or accessorizing with denim hats or denim belt is a fashion faux pas you should avoid in all forms. Keep the look minimal with jeans and in case you want to look ostentatious, try to amp the style with BoHo costume jewelry.

Forget your prejudices; forget how old you are, and forget what size you are. Just go chic with jeans for men and women.

Friday, June 12, 2015

What Should Men Wear At Parties -Formals, Semi-Formals Or Casual?

In my last post, we discussed about what women should wear at different parties. While women enjoy dressing up especially for parties, it can be a daunting task for men. Men are always ready to party but dressing is not something that they look forward to.
A party dress code is an important feature in a gathering as it indicates a proper a culture and attire that everyone needs to be in and not go astray with the apparel. It also adds a sense of party theme and adds to the ambiance making it look ideal for a perfect celebration.
As I have mentioned about the types of parties in the last post itself, I don’t want to repeat myself. For all those who are out of the loop, the parties are categorized in 3 types: Social parties, Office parties and parties with friends. The main types of clothing options available for men are: Formals, Semi Formals or Casual. Formal wear is the one which gives a professional look. Semi-formal is a toned down version of the formal wear in which a bit of clothing can be added to the formal part. Casual wear is the one where you can let yourself loose and don comfortable clothing with bright and funky prints or experimental styles of clothing.
Let’s have a quick synopsis of what type of wear is acceptable and preferable at what type of events.

Formal Wear For Office Parties
1. Office /Professional Parties:
Office parties have a very formal environment and your dressing should reflect that. All the dressing should be appropriate and there is no room for casualty.
Formal Wear for Office Parties
Wear a light-colored shirt preferably white. Pair it with fresh trousers. Accessorize it with a tie, and the right shoes and socks of course. As opposed to mainstream thinking, a look of your socks could add a bit of tinge to your outfit.
 Semi Formal Wear for Office Parties:
Don't think of it any other way, men. Semi-formal is still a sort of formal clothing standard! You will need to wear a crisp shirt with closed buttons. But since the dress code is semi-formal, you can explore the varieties in the shirt. Rather than the excellent white, go with simple stripes or checks a plain shirt with highlighted cuffs and collars in contrasting colors or a half sleeve shirt is also acceptable. Make sure that everything in your attire matches the overall look.
Casual Wear for Office Parties:
Casual wear for office parties is a strict no no however casual the setting of the party is.
Semi Formal Wear For Social Parties

2. Social Parties:
Social parties are a tad bit of casual environment as compared to the corporate environment. But no matter the occasion you have to look your dressy best. So for the convenience of choosing the best styles, we take a look at the options available.
Formal wear for Social Parties:
Stick with a dark suit or tuxedo (not necessarily black) with a slim fit. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can choose an unconventional shade like burgundy. Keep the shirt plain. A strong shade of the apparel is the most effortless choice, yet trendy checks or stripes are additionally suitable for the length of the suit which is not patterned.
Semi Formal Wear for Social Parties:
For semi-formal occasions, one should wear a decent suit. If the occasion happens at daytime a lighter suit is likewise advised.
Casual Wear for Social parties:
Casual Wear in social parties is not generally acceptable but there are always exceptions.

Have Fun While Partying With Friends 
3. Parties with Friends:
When you are partying with friends, you can absolutely let yourself loose and choose any apparel that is fun and funky.

From that above style guidelines, we can conclude that the answer to the question about what should men wear for parties is a very subjective one and men should decide their dressing after taking into consideration.

Friday, March 27, 2015

What Should Women Wear At Different Types Of Parties?

Most people today have to inevitably attend parties. The parties could be office parties or social gatherings and so it’s imperative to dress according to the mood and event.
Social Parties:
These parties are mainly organized with a view to socialize. These parties include wedding parties, engagement parties, and wedding reception parties, farewell parties thrown for someone moving elsewhere, birthday parties for kids or grownups, baby shower parties and anniversary parties. The main attendants of these parties are families and hence unlike informal parties, here there are some standard rules to be followed. Your extended family or your sister’s brother in law’s uncle and aunt could be present there and so you cannot just dress up like a hippie.
 What to wear: Try to keep your dressing formalized. For instance in India, wedding parties are attended by donning beautiful and sensual party wear sarees. Younger girls can prefer salwar kameez also known as churidar kurtas adorned with rich embroidery and heavy embellishments. Nowadays, Indowestern Dressing is also popular which mixes the culture of Ethnic wear and the chic style of western wear.
What not to wear: Never dress up in scanty clothes. Such clothes make you feel out of place in the presence of kids and the elder ones of the family.
Outfits For Office Parties

Office Parties:
These parties are conducted in office settings. Such parties are mainly meant for employees and family of the employee are not included in the party. There are some exceptional events like annual party or family party wherein families are specially invited. Office parties could include welcome parties for new employees, farewell parties for employees who are leaving, annual celebration, and Christmas parties. It could also refer to cocktail parties or mixers organized by the office. The main objective of such party is to foster inter personal communication between employees away from formal office environment. You could have the benefits of socializing with new people, better interaction with colleagues and improved chances of networking.
What to wear:
Whatever you wear, make sure you carry it with dignity.  Maintain the culture of your work environment. Analyse how much conservative or relaxed your office is in regular working days and dress accordingly. Keep the trousers or blazers formal and bring the vibrancy through tops or blouse. If you are attending the party straight from the office, wrap a sheath and add a little bling to your formal outfit. Wear a piece of jewelry or swap your normal jewelry to something more bold or chunky. In case of a relaxed setting, you can opt for sundresses that are in solid colors. Match your outfit with shoes of appropriate shade like black or metallic ones which go well with any outfit.
Little Black Dress For A Girls Night Out

What not to wear:
Never dress up in shorts, strapless, frayed or messy dresses that are revealing or provocative.
Partying with friends:
Come on admit it. These are the parties that we all look forward to. Dance parties, beach parties, bachelorette party, and costume or fancy dress parties are all parties which are attended with friends or mates and these are the parties we actually long to go to. Here there are no rules or restrictions. At such parties, you can let your hair down and do what you wish to without worrying about anything or anyone.
What to wear:
For a dance party there are innumerable options. One shoulder dresses, spaghetti strap, dressy tops with shirts or tops or the LBD (Little Black Dress) – are all popular choices that never go out of fashion. Make sure you pair it right with gorgeous heels and a bright red lipstick.
For a beach party, you have to invariably wear a swim suit though you can opt to have a light cover up on it. Sundresses, tunics, sleeveless maxi dresses, beach ponchos or Kaftans in floral prints are also good options considering the fact that they make you look chic while providing real comfort. 

Chic Kaftan For A Beach Party

Wear flip flop and complete the look with a hat which will up your cool quotient (pun intended).
As far as costume parties go, I cannot advise you much as your outfit will depend on the theme decided by the host. The most famous theme ideas over the years include retro, pirates, Hawaiian, angels and devils, rock stars, cowboys, celebrities, etc. You can make these costumes on your own with the help of great many DIY ideas on Pinterest. There are some great sites online where you can buy the costumes or simply rent them if you wish to save a bit for the next time.

Hope these ideas solve your dilemma on what to wear for a party and the next time around when you are at a party, you save your energy for the fun and frolic you are going to have in the evening rather than worrying about dressing right.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Know The Famous Five Of Ghagra Choli Cuts

Indian dresses are one of the most colourful and elegant ensembles one could come across in history.  The rich, delicate and surely mesmerising detailing is painstakingly hand crafted by skilled artisans. Indian dresses are not only reserved for special occasions in one’s life, but also add a traditional touch to one’s everyday apparel.