Friday, March 27, 2015

What Should Women Wear At Different Types Of Parties?

Most people today have to inevitably attend parties. The parties could be office parties or social gatherings and so it’s imperative to dress according to the mood and event.
Social Parties:
These parties are mainly organized with a view to socialize. These parties include wedding parties, engagement parties, and wedding reception parties, farewell parties thrown for someone moving elsewhere, birthday parties for kids or grownups, baby shower parties and anniversary parties. The main attendants of these parties are families and hence unlike informal parties, here there are some standard rules to be followed. Your extended family or your sister’s brother in law’s uncle and aunt could be present there and so you cannot just dress up like a hippie.
 What to wear: Try to keep your dressing formalized. For instance in India, wedding parties are attended by donning beautiful and sensual party wear sarees. Younger girls can prefer salwar kameez also known as churidar kurtas adorned with rich embroidery and heavy embellishments. Nowadays, Indowestern Dressing is also popular which mixes the culture of Ethnic wear and the chic style of western wear.
What not to wear: Never dress up in scanty clothes. Such clothes make you feel out of place in the presence of kids and the elder ones of the family.
Outfits For Office Parties

Office Parties:
These parties are conducted in office settings. Such parties are mainly meant for employees and family of the employee are not included in the party. There are some exceptional events like annual party or family party wherein families are specially invited. Office parties could include welcome parties for new employees, farewell parties for employees who are leaving, annual celebration, and Christmas parties. It could also refer to cocktail parties or mixers organized by the office. The main objective of such party is to foster inter personal communication between employees away from formal office environment. You could have the benefits of socializing with new people, better interaction with colleagues and improved chances of networking.
What to wear:
Whatever you wear, make sure you carry it with dignity.  Maintain the culture of your work environment. Analyse how much conservative or relaxed your office is in regular working days and dress accordingly. Keep the trousers or blazers formal and bring the vibrancy through tops or blouse. If you are attending the party straight from the office, wrap a sheath and add a little bling to your formal outfit. Wear a piece of jewelry or swap your normal jewelry to something more bold or chunky. In case of a relaxed setting, you can opt for sundresses that are in solid colors. Match your outfit with shoes of appropriate shade like black or metallic ones which go well with any outfit.
Little Black Dress For A Girls Night Out

What not to wear:
Never dress up in shorts, strapless, frayed or messy dresses that are revealing or provocative.
Partying with friends:
Come on admit it. These are the parties that we all look forward to. Dance parties, beach parties, bachelorette party, and costume or fancy dress parties are all parties which are attended with friends or mates and these are the parties we actually long to go to. Here there are no rules or restrictions. At such parties, you can let your hair down and do what you wish to without worrying about anything or anyone.
What to wear:
For a dance party there are innumerable options. One shoulder dresses, spaghetti strap, dressy tops with shirts or tops or the LBD (Little Black Dress) – are all popular choices that never go out of fashion. Make sure you pair it right with gorgeous heels and a bright red lipstick.
For a beach party, you have to invariably wear a swim suit though you can opt to have a light cover up on it. Sundresses, tunics, sleeveless maxi dresses, beach ponchos or Kaftans in floral prints are also good options considering the fact that they make you look chic while providing real comfort. 

Chic Kaftan For A Beach Party

Wear flip flop and complete the look with a hat which will up your cool quotient (pun intended).
As far as costume parties go, I cannot advise you much as your outfit will depend on the theme decided by the host. The most famous theme ideas over the years include retro, pirates, Hawaiian, angels and devils, rock stars, cowboys, celebrities, etc. You can make these costumes on your own with the help of great many DIY ideas on Pinterest. There are some great sites online where you can buy the costumes or simply rent them if you wish to save a bit for the next time.

Hope these ideas solve your dilemma on what to wear for a party and the next time around when you are at a party, you save your energy for the fun and frolic you are going to have in the evening rather than worrying about dressing right.

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