Monday, June 20, 2016

Designer Bracelets - A Must Have Accessory for Style Statement

Bracelets are a standout amongst the chic design accessories available nowadays and are substituting the typical bangle culture in India. Wrist bracelets have dependably been one of the chief picks for young ladies with regards to what accessory to wear in those void wrists. While picking one for yourself, you should remember the different sorts as well as varieties and what kind of events they suit the best.
Let's look at different type of designer bracelets, one can wear with any look.

Traditional Bracelets:
These bracelets are made up of precious gemstones or Kundan and go well with sarees or salwar suits and anarkalis. They are popular among lovers of ethnic wear since they have a traditional appeal to it. The bracelets are sometimes gold plated giving a feeling of real gold and rendering a feel of royalty to the wearer.
Traditional Bracelet with Kundan and Semi precious Stones

Cuff Bracelets:
The cuff bracelet is a wide circular bracelet which covers a major part of the wrist and is typically open towards the end. It fits right on your wrist immovably and is regularly not adjustable like different wrist bracelets. The designer cuff bracelets got their prevalence from many well-known actors and have been in style since vintage collections as it is considered to be royal among all bracelet types.

Bangle Bracelets:
These are worn collectively like bangles and are generally are circular with no opening at all or an ordinary fastening grip. Bangle bracelets are an eye-catcher among the most flexible bracelets and are mostly found in different colors, shades, and materials. These are mainstream bracelets are popular with all age brackets and are adored by ladies for their clinging nature when worn together in stacks.
Diamond Bracelets:
Designer diamond bracelets are created with diamonds with intricate designs, real or cz, to give a sparkling appearance. They look elegant with evening wear as they are bound to dazzle in the evening. Gemstones of different colors can be mixed with the diamonds to match the colors of the attire of the wearer. 
Diamond Bracelet Image Courtesy: Benzerworld
Leather Bracelets:
This designer leather bracelet is an alternative to go as it gives you more of a rustic feel. The leather wrist bracelets are generally sleeve wristbands made of pure leather and attracts the young crowd as they can feel lively. These are economical yet stylish and are prevalent among young men too.
Beaded Bracelets:
One of the most reasonably priced designer bracelets, beaded bracelets are comprised of beads. Beads could be made of stones, wood or plastic and woven into an elastic band. These are the most simple ones that you can DIY at home too if you are into the bracelet designing hobby. The typically beaded bracelet has a ribbon strap which holds the end together. The bead bracelets falling slightly on the pricier side have gems and precious stones beaded into a string. 

Designer bracelets are the foremost choice for women who want to flaunt royalty on their wrists. Brands like Benzerworld give innumerable options in bracelets and kadas. So which style would you choose today to to accessorize your wrists and appear glitzz.??

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