Friday, March 4, 2016

Costume Jewelry-Perfect Gifting Option This Women's Day

Women's Day is approaching fast and all men are geared up to get gifts for the awesome women in their life. I wonder what women would choose when presented with an option between choosing jewelry or shoes or handbags. Well mortal beings like me would die before making a choice. I would rather have all of them coz the sheer happiness of getting one would be lessened when compared to the sheer thought of being deprived of possessing the others.
Jokes apart, I would suggest that buying luxury costume jewelry would be a great gifting idea on a women’s day. Should I back up my argument with reasons? Well so be it. Following are just some reasons why you should gift your lady love a nice piece of jewelry.

In vogue: Costume jewelry is very much in nowadays which makes it easy to find it at a local shop, mall, flea market and also online. You can save yourself the hassles of spending hours thinking what to buy and where to get it from. Most shops have a counter and a person who would happily assist you in choosing the right piece.
Shop Online: Many popular E-Commerce websites sell luxury costume jewelry accessories online, making it easier to buy. So a good jewelry piece is just a click away.
Easy on pocket: You don’t have to spend a fortune on fashion jewelry leaving you an option to buy some flowers and chocolates along with the gift piece.
Mix and Match: You can buy a piece that could go well with most of her dresses or you could gift something that is unique. The moment you mention that it is something you got to pair with her little black dress or her favorite teal gown or her beige top, you win some extra brownie points for remembering that favorite dress of hers.
Regal Costume Jewelry
Regal Costume Jewelry
Regal pieces: There are costume jewelry pieces specifically crafted with traditional materials like Vilandi and stones like rubies, emeralds and American diamonds which add a royal appeal to the whole attire. Brides and women donning traditional outfits in South Asian communities prefer such pieces. So if your woman is traditional at heart, you can win her heart with such exquisitely crafted pieces from Indian brands like Benzerworld which has an awesome collection of regal costume jewelry. Visit for more options in bridal sets
Unique Pieces: Most stores also have a collection of unique costume jewelry pieces like hand painted bangles or handcrafted cuff bracelets.  You can also go for customized chunky bracelets, or charm bracelets with her name on it. Isn’t that a sure shot way to make someone feel special?
Bohemian Jewelry
     Bohemian Jewelry

Bold and Quirky: There are quite some few pieces of jewelry that are colorful, and attention catching. So if your girl friend is a free bird like me and is very much into Boho-chic styling, gift her assemblage of bold bohemian jewelry pieces. She will beyond doubt remember you every time she dons her quirky pieces of style statement.

Available for Men Too: And all you guys out there, rejoice-coz you can be on the receiving end. Fashion jewelry is easily available for men too. There are items ranging from different notably shaped pendants and chains to wrist bands, multi strand bracelets and cool studs which can enhance your look and define your personality in no time.

So guys grab a piece of costume jewelry and gift your woman the right amount of attention she deserves……

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