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What Should Men Wear At Parties -Formals, Semi-Formals Or Casual?

In my last post, we discussed about what women should wear at different parties. While women enjoy dressing up especially for parties, it can be a daunting task for men. Men are always ready to party but dressing is not something that they look forward to.
A party dress code is an important feature in a gathering as it indicates a proper a culture and attire that everyone needs to be in and not go astray with the apparel. It also adds a sense of party theme and adds to the ambiance making it look ideal for a perfect celebration.
As I have mentioned about the types of parties in the last post itself, I don’t want to repeat myself. For all those who are out of the loop, the parties are categorized in 3 types: Social parties, Office parties and parties with friends. The main types of clothing options available for men are: Formals, Semi Formals or Casual. Formal wear is the one which gives a professional look. Semi-formal is a toned down version of the formal wear in which a bit of clothing can be added to the formal part. Casual wear is the one where you can let yourself loose and don comfortable clothing with bright and funky prints or experimental styles of clothing.
Let’s have a quick synopsis of what type of wear is acceptable and preferable at what type of events.

Formal Wear For Office Parties
1. Office /Professional Parties:
Office parties have a very formal environment and your dressing should reflect that. All the dressing should be appropriate and there is no room for casualty.
Formal Wear for Office Parties
Wear a light-colored shirt preferably white. Pair it with fresh trousers. Accessorize it with a tie, and the right shoes and socks of course. As opposed to mainstream thinking, a look of your socks could add a bit of tinge to your outfit.
 Semi Formal Wear for Office Parties:
Don't think of it any other way, men. Semi-formal is still a sort of formal clothing standard! You will need to wear a crisp shirt with closed buttons. But since the dress code is semi-formal, you can explore the varieties in the shirt. Rather than the excellent white, go with simple stripes or checks a plain shirt with highlighted cuffs and collars in contrasting colors or a half sleeve shirt is also acceptable. Make sure that everything in your attire matches the overall look.
Casual Wear for Office Parties:
Casual wear for office parties is a strict no no however casual the setting of the party is.
Semi Formal Wear For Social Parties

2. Social Parties:
Social parties are a tad bit of casual environment as compared to the corporate environment. But no matter the occasion you have to look your dressy best. So for the convenience of choosing the best styles, we take a look at the options available.
Formal wear for Social Parties:
Stick with a dark suit or tuxedo (not necessarily black) with a slim fit. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can choose an unconventional shade like burgundy. Keep the shirt plain. A strong shade of the apparel is the most effortless choice, yet trendy checks or stripes are additionally suitable for the length of the suit which is not patterned.
Semi Formal Wear for Social Parties:
For semi-formal occasions, one should wear a decent suit. If the occasion happens at daytime a lighter suit is likewise advised.
Casual Wear for Social parties:
Casual Wear in social parties is not generally acceptable but there are always exceptions.

Have Fun While Partying With Friends 
3. Parties with Friends:
When you are partying with friends, you can absolutely let yourself loose and choose any apparel that is fun and funky.

From that above style guidelines, we can conclude that the answer to the question about what should men wear for parties is a very subjective one and men should decide their dressing after taking into consideration.

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