Friday, September 25, 2015

Jeans for Men And Women- The Ultimate Garment

Since we have already discussed on what men should wear at parties and what should women wear at parties, this time we will discuss about what both can wear at any casual event. This garment is everyone’s favorite. When you are simply confused over what to wear it’s the ultimate savior. It’s the gallant garment that saves you when people around are eyeing you with suspicion over your poor fashion choices. It’s chivalrous and androgynous meaning men and women can both take advantage of its versatility. It’s an absolutely reliable partner to any t shirt or even formal shirts when paired even clumsily. For some people, it is more important than their romantic interest. Yes you guessed it right people. It’s denim that we are talking about. Jeans for men are as popular as jeans for women coz denim is a garment with universal appeal.

While you should have some basic shades like blue and black in your closet, it’s time to get adventurous. Jeans are now available in vagrant shades of orange, purple, brown and green. Choose them to accentuate your fun quotient.

While lighter shades of jeans are meant for attention seekers, darker hues create a slimming illusion. Hence an ideal pairing would be dark wash bottom and light colored top. Distress is not a good idea for life in general but with denims, Go for distress without doubt. Tearing jeans, fraying hems and seams and fading the colors are some popular ways of getting that rugged vintage look. Individuals enjoying DIY projects can make distressed jeans themselves adding to the satisfaction each time you don the distressed denim.Brands like
provide real cool options in jeans.

Though jeans are one of the best pals a person could have, be sure not to overdo them. Wearing denim shirt with denim bottom or accessorizing with denim hats or denim belt is a fashion faux pas you should avoid in all forms. Keep the look minimal with jeans and in case you want to look ostentatious, try to amp the style with BoHo costume jewelry.

Forget your prejudices; forget how old you are, and forget what size you are. Just go chic with jeans for men and women.

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