Friday, February 26, 2016

Basic Guidelines for Selecting a Formal Shirt

We are moving forward in this series by discussing about Formal wear for Men.
A man’s wardrobe has some staples regardless of the fact that he is fashion conscious or not; formal shirts being one of them. With the onset of corporate culture, formal shirts have become a necessary peg in the closet machine. According to me there is no need to put in lots of effort while selecting a basic formal shirt. You can follow these simple guidelines and get the basics right.

The Color:
Select the ones in solid pastel colors. They are easier to pair with formal trousers and are a safe bet whether be it interviews or boardroom meetings. White and light blue are the classic options while lavender, pastel green, ash grey are some other neutral shades that never go out of style.

The Fabric:
Choose a fabric that renders a comfortable feel since you will be donning these shirts for long work hours. Cotton is a convenient but impractical choice. Hence opt for blends. Poplin, linen and twill are good picks.

The Fit:
A shirt with a perfect fit is the perfect tool for looking cool. Balloons formed out of garment would make you appear shabby as a tight fitting shirt would make you appear negligent. Avoid both the extremes and spend some time in finding the right fit.
The Pattern:
Though plain is always a safe bet, patterns are also popular in formal shirts. Stripes and checks are the most preferred styles besides plain. It is better not to mix patterns as it creates a mess.You can find numerous fashion forward patterns from Oxemberg at

The Collars:
The collar cannot be overlooked as they are a prominent feature in a formal shirt.  A shirt collar in a stylish formal shirt has to have an orderly stiff appearance. The most common styles are point collars and spread collars. But button down collar made for polo players have penetrated the regular office goers wardrobe too.
The Cuff and Sleeve Length:
An eye for detail can be efficacious with a shirt collar. Cuffs have single or more buttons. They come into circular, square or angular styles. Select the classic styles to appear crispy. The length of the sleeves should be paid due attention. The ideal selection size is the one where the cuff reaches root of thumb.

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